What's the difference Afford and Effort

Posted on 09-Apr-2017

What's the difference Afford and Effort: Afford is a verb and Effort is a noun. Many time people get confused while making sentence to think which one should be use in sentence.If wrongly used in sentence then meaning your sentence will change completely. It is important to know the difference between these two so that we can correctly in sentences.

Meaning - Afford: To be capable of giving or providing. In details, you have something enough that you can give or provide to others like you have enough money to buy a house then you can afford to buy a house.

Synonyms: provide, supply, yield, produce and give.


  1. I am going to buy Martui 800 as I can not affrod the cost and maintenence of Audi car.
  2. Why did you come to me for tuition if you cannot afford my fees.

Meaning - Effort: Physical or mental attempt to achieve something. In details, Let say you are determined to finish you syllabus before the start of the exam, then you will give/attempt your best to complete your syllabus.It means you are putting effort to finish your task.

Synonyms: Attempt, try and endeavour.


  1. Current government is putting all effort to reduce inflation and providing job opportunities to all youngesters of this country.
  2. If you are really serious about your job, then put real effort in your preparation.



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