What's the difference Hapless and Hopeless

Posted on 05-Jun-2017

Hapless Vs Hopeless

1.Hapless is an adjective (Adjective is used to describe the quality of noun and pronun)


Unfortunate, with bad luck or unlucky


Unfortunate, Doomed, Unlucky and Luckless.

Sentences using word Hapless

  1. India outclass hapless Pakistan in 2017 champions trophy.
  2. Raju is very hard working and optimistic guy but he is hapless.
  3. Hapless kavita didn't score well due to system failure in SSC 2016 Exam.

2.Hopeless is also an Adjective


Lack of hope or without hope


Pessimistic, Incompetent, Dreadful and Dejected

Sentences using Hopeless

  1. Delhi deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia said fund allocated to eduction in the budget is as "hopeless".
  2. Depression makes women hopeless and men hapless
  3. Hopeless lbw appeal from Dhoni against Mumbai Indians


Make one sentence using both words Hapless and Hopeless

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