Editorial & Words:Timely Refresh

Posted on 16-May-2017

Timely refresh: on the growth of industrial output

The latest revisions to the base year for the Index of Industrial Production and the Wholesale Price Index reveal an overall macroeconomic picture that is at once heartening, given the underlying resilience reflected in the data. IIP data founded on the new base year of 2011-12 show that industrial output has grown annually at an average pace of 3.82% over the last five fiscal years, with a  read more...

List of words with well explained meaning

S/N Word Meaning
1 Resilience Ability to recover quickly from all difficulties. flexibility 
2 Paltry Very small in amount; trivial ; negligible ; unimportant.
3 Accompanying To go along with , to escort , co-exist with.
4 Robust Strong and powerful, vigorous
5 Posit To assume as a fact or principle; postulate
6 Caveat A warning
7 GDP Deflator Metrics used to measure the impact of inflation on the GDP of a country during a specified period.
8 Benign Read like Be-na-in) : Kind and gentle; not harmful read more...
9 Pare Cutoff ; trim;reduce in size
10 Pertain Related to, affect , connected with 
11 Divergence The process of separation
12 Scrutiny Close examination of something
13 Prevailing Existing at a particular time or at a place;current; The prevaling stock market is very stable you can buy shares.


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