Idiom of the day:A chip on your shoulder

Posted on 25-May-2017

A chip on your shoulder

Like other Idioms, this is also very popular. More commonly used in the corporate world. You are working in the corporate world or not does not matter. What matter is how much you learn and improve yourself daily. So keep your eyes and mind open to adapt new things always.


Being disappointed or angry about something that causes problem in past. Better way we can say, holding a grudge.

In Details, A Chip can be defined as a piece of wood/timber or anything which could be difficult to carry on shoulder. Many people oftentimes carry heaving things on their shoulders. If we will read it with the real problem then we will get to know the exact meaning of this idiom. Carrying the heavy thing on the shoulder means you are carrying anger or grudge and which is being difficult to carry for a long time so you start fighting with someone unnecessarily.


  1. He has a chip on his shoulder for born into a poor family instead of rich.
  2. Ritesh has a chip on his shoulder because even scoring 90% in school, he didn't get a good college in Delhi university.

For better understanding, try to understand and relate below image with above explained meaning of idiom.

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