Idiom of the day:At the eleventh hour

Posted on 08-Apr-2017

At the eleventh hour :

This is a very popular Idiom and has been asked number of times in various competitive exams like SSC CGL, Air Force, Railways and so on. So let's learn its meaning with example today.

Next time mark correct option if you see this idiom in your English objective questions. Every mark is important to get selected or to get desired post in government exams.

Meaning: Doing something at last moment , almost late. (Just before the last clock hour)


  1. Harish reached examination center at the eleventh hour due to heavy traffic at MG Road Gurgaon.
  2. At the eleventh hour study will not help you to crack down SSC CGL exam.
  3. I was about to miss shatabdi express today as I reached the railway station at the eleventh hour.


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