Idiom of the day:Bone of contention

Posted on 09-Jun-2017


Bone of contention

Many times this idiom has been asked in various competitive exams. In SSC 2016, this was asked for one mark. In day to day life you might have came across such situation where you might have missed to use it.You can also find this idioms in newspaper to refer politics.Now it is clear how important this idiom is.Idiom makes sentences shorter and more powerful in meaning.

This was used very frequently in the 16th century, but later on its usage reduced gradually but again now it is being used.

From below the image you see two dogs are fighting for a bone and no one is ready to leave the bone for others.Figuratively, this idiom refers to the same situation, fighting for a bone.













A matter of fight or disagreement. An issue which remains unsolved even after too much argument and discussion. Unresolved issue.


  1. Kashmir is a bone of contention between two nation India and Pakistan since partion of India 1947.
  2. Anil Kumble's off-field interests bone of contention? (TimesOfIndia)
  3. Water disputes between the two states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka remain a bone of contention.

Now you know the meaning , Make and comment a new sentence using idiom "Bone of Contention".  

Note:Read and learn but you use it at least once in your daily life to master on this idiom. So find a way to use it at least once. You will see the difference.

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