Idiom of the day:Tip of the iceberg

Posted on 04-Jul-2017

Tip of the iceberg.

Iceberg is a huge piece of ice, which floats freely in sea water. By looking at floating ice you cannot tell the size of it.We see very small portion of it's actual shape and size. It is difficult to judge the shape and size of the underwater portion of ice from out side.


A small hint of a large complex problem.Leading edge of a problem

Use of tip of the iceberge in sentence

  1. Hawala racket is just tip of the iceberg (#TheHindu)
  2. Panama Papers trail: The tip of the tip of the iceberg(#TheHindu)
  3. Police found Ramesh body near his girlfriend's house which is just a tip of the iceberg to reach to the culprit.

Suggestion: Make at least once sentence and share in comment box if you learned "tip of the iceberg" meaning.



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