Word of the day : Hypocrite

Posted on 17-Jun-2017

Hypocrite is a noun which came from greek word hypokrites which means pretender or you can say stage actor.


Pretender , Imposter, two faceed/double standard (In hindi we call such person as dhongi/thag)

Use of Hypocrite in sentence

  1. I have never seen a hypocrite like in you.
  2. Most of the politicians are hypocrites they promise so many things during election and forgot to fulfil after the win.
  3. Indian culture is hypocrite when it comes to women(#timesofindia)

Note: Don't get confused with word hypocrite and hypcripsy.Hypocrite is someone who pracitces hypocripsy.

  1. JNU hypocrisy: No room for courses on Hinduism at premier university(#firstpost)
  2. You are a hypocrite your hypocrisy will not work here.


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