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What's the difference Award and Reward? 

Posted on:09-Apr-2018

You must have confused sometime to think of these two words.When and where to use these words.Today we will learn the meaning and difference with imag...

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Word of the day : Longevity

Posted on:28-Aug-2017

Longevity is a noun driven from Latin root word longaevus which means long-lived. Meaning: Great duration of anyone's life. Synony...

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Idiom of the day:Tip of the iceberg

Posted on:04-Jul-2017

Tip of the iceberg. Iceberg is a huge piece of ice, which floats freely in sea water. By looking at floating ice you cannot tell the size of it.We ...

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Phrase of the day:At Once

Posted on:17-Jun-2017

Phrase-At Once Meaning: -Immediately , quickly -Simultaneously , Together. Use of "at once" in sentence. Police ordere...

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Shop on FlipKart

Posted on:03-Jun-2017

Recommended products on flipkart ...

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Shop on Amazon

Posted on:03-Jun-2017

Recommended products on Amazon Widgets ...

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Editorial & Words: GST rates

Posted on:20-May-2017

GST rates: welcome clarity, at last The long wait for the new indirect tax rates that will apply to thousands of goods and services is finally over...

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One word substitution:April 2017

Posted on:01-Apr-2017

Every year 5 to 10 one word substitution object questions are asked in preliminary exam of SSC CGL. If you prepared well then all 5 questions can...

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Homophone of the day:Lessen & Lesson

Posted on:30-Mar-2017

Homophone : Lessen Vs. Lesson Homophone words are same in prounciation but they differ from each other in meaning and spelling. Lessen and Lesson a...

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Posted on:23-Mar-2017

In English grammar , An article is one of determiners which comes before noun and modify it to show whether noun refers something particular or not.It...

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