What's the difference Award and Reward? 

Posted on 09-Apr-2018

You must have confused sometime to think of these two words.When and where to use these words.Today we will learn the meaning and difference with image and examples.

Award is given in an honor of someone's achievement.For the award, nomination or voting is required. It is decided by the expert panel.


  1. The management has decided to give an award of $2k to the winner of this tournament.
  2. The winner 100m race is awarded a gold medal.

Reward, is a compensation/recognition given to someone for his effort. The effort could be anything, like helping others in need, showing honesty and Loyalty towards the organization by doing good work.For rewards nomination or voting is not required, can be given by an individual or as a team.


  1. Manohar was rewarded with the "best employee of the month" certificate in Citi bank project.
  2. SP Ajay Kumar has been rewarded by the city for his heroic actions to save the girl.

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