What's the difference Report and Rapport

Posted on 26-Jun-2017

Report Vs Rapport

May times while reading a newspaper or a novel you might have seen and would have confused with the meaning. Let's discuss the meaning and differences in details in pictorial way.

Report is used as as verb and noun both.


A written or spoken information which is collected by in form of graph or narrative format.

Synonyms: Statement, News, to announce, information, description, record and so on.

Usage of report in sentence as a noun.

  1. The court doesn't accept newspaper report as a proof of evidence.
  2. The report is circulating that the CEO of India's top retail company has resigned.

Usage of report in sentence as verb.

  1. Kittu has reported to police this his neighbour do late night party daily.
  2. Report me if you find any evidence against Gulshan.

Rapport is a noun


It is used to show how  close replationship is between two people/others. Bond and affinity btween two people.

Synonyms: Bond, Affinity,Closeness,Harmony, Sympath and so on.

Usage of Rapport in sentence.

It is important to have a good rapport between developer and manager to make a project successful.

Once a strong rapport is established, the person is far more likely to share information (#TheHindu)

To survive in retail market, you will have to build a good rapport with customers.

You will not get confused with these two words in future.Share the page among your friends if you find it useful for them.


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