One word substitution:April 2017

Posted on 01-Apr-2017

Every year 5 to 10 one word substitution object questions are asked in preliminary exam of SSC CGL. If you prepared well then all 5 questions can be corrected easily in 1 min that is very important for gettting qualified in exam or getting desired post in SSC.

Please find the below 30  most important one word substitutions. We will keep posting 30 one word substitutions every month for you. Please add your suggestion(words) in comment box that should be shared among other aspirants.We will add those in our next post.

Your feedback is always considered on priority so keep sharing your suggestions.

List of one word substitution

S/N Sentence One Word
1 A women who is head of a convent Abbess
2 An agreement during a war to stop fighting for a certain time Armistice
3 A large cage for keeping birds Aviary
4 Vote in support of a motion at a meeting Aye
5 A warlike / masculine women Amazon
6 A medicine that caues sexual arousal Aphrodisiac
7 An animal with two feet Biped
8 Having little or no hair on sculp Bald
9 Punishing someone by hitting the soles of someone's feet using cane Bastinado
10 Fire lighted on a hill top as signal Beacon
11 Occasion of excessive drinking or immoral behaviour Debauch
12 One who is in the habit of drinking  Drunkard
13 Dignified and socially acceptable behaviour Decorum
14 Believe in the god on the basis of faith than religious teaching Deism
15 Mental disturbance caused by illness Deliorium
16 Doing something for free/ without any charge/without payment Gratis
17 Soldiers in fortress Garrison
18 One who has exaggerated anxiety about one's health Hypochondriac
19 One who pretents to be what he is not  Hypocrite
20 Endless/apprently endless Interminable
21 Adult preson with abnormally low intelligence Imbecile
22 Situation or place full of fear/horror or confusion Inferno
23 One who doesnot believe in religion Infidel
24 Place where dead bodies are keept Mortuary
25 A political system governed by a few people Oligarchy
26 A political system governed/rule by rich people Plutocracy
27 Tendency to fight/quarrel always Pugnacity
28 Someone who get pleasure from hurting someone(cruelty) Sadist
29 Someone who get pleasure from recieving punishment Masochist
30 A pice of writing that has been copied from else and shown as being yours own work Plagiarism